Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers to quick questions

If you would like more information about any products that we manufacture or co-manufacture, and our approach to General Insurance Pricing Practices (including our Target Market Statements and Fair Value Assessment Summaries), please click here FCA General Insurance Practices | Gallagher UK (

To help prevent fraud – before taking payment over the phone (for example at renewal or for additional premiums) we will always validate with you information that we hold on file; information that only you would know. This information could include your address or specific policy details.

We can confirm that, when processing a refund, we will not request bank details or card information over the phone. Any refund we provide will only be for one of three reasons:

  1. 1) overpaid funds
  2. 2) a reduction in your cover
  3. 3) cancellation

We will never request sensitive information, such as, passwords, usernames or a mother’s maiden name.

If you receive a phone call and are unsure it is from us, you can always call us to verify we are who we say we are. Please call your usual contact, or call us on 0115 950 5052

After receiving a referral, our referral team aims to respond by the end of the next working day.

You can reply with the requested information by selecting the ‘retrieve a quote’ option on our website. Here, you can input any extra information and submit to the end of the quote process.

This is different per policy – you can find full information on content limits in our Home Insurance and Bedrooms Home Insurance policy wordings in the Definitions section.

You will need to request a new quote through our website with the new address and make a note in the further information section that this is a change of address for an existing policy, along with the current policy number. Please do not process as a Mid Term Adjustment.

For new business and renewals, the first month’s payment (1/12th of the annual premium) will be due as a deposit. The policyholder will be given the option of payment for this via debit or credit card. If this is not possible, please email our team for further options -

The information we will require for the Direct Debit is:

Full name of the bank account holder

Their 8 digit bank account number

Their 6 digit sort code

Once this is complete, the first month’s premium will be taken and the Direct Debit will be set up for the remaining instalments to be collected over the remaining 11 months, starting one month after the inception date of the policy. Visit our Direct Debit page for full information about this payment option.

Excess can increase depending on the risk. Our suggestion is to request a quote on our website and accurately fill in the information required. The quote details you receive will state any policy excesses.

This information can be found on the quote and statement of fact documents. You can visit the relevant product page on our website to obtain a quote.

You can email your Business Development Manager at to discuss this.

Email or call us on 0115 950 5052 to make a request for documents to be sent to you.

Speak to a member of our team via LiveChat or call us on 0115 950 5052 and we will arrange this for you.

You can cancel this insurance at any time outside the cooling off period. As long as no claims have been made or reported during the period of insurance, we will return a proportion of your premium paid on a pro rata basis, less an administration charge of £20. No return of premium will be given if under £20 or if any claims have been reported or paid in whole or part during the period of insurance. If, however, you elected to take a 3 or 6 month only policy, no return of premium will be given.

Cancellation figures are calculated using an offline intranet system so we are unable to quote a figure without the policy being cancelled first through the online portal. You can cancel a policy in order for an email to be sent to you containing this information, which can then be reinstated by contacting us if you would like.

Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses

A clear tenant reference has to be obtained and verified along with the policy conditions. Within our policy wording for this product you will find these conditions and a Tenancy Checklist. If the checks cannot be passed, then a UK based guarantor would have to pass them instead and sign a deed of guarantee.

This is a policy where you must notify us during the period of insurance and within 30 days of any circumstances which may give rise to any claim under this policy.

The cover should be taken out at or before the start of a new or renewed tenancy agreement.

Yes, equal to one month’s rent and secured in an approved tenancy deposit scheme.

No. We require one policy per tenancy agreement, as the cover is specific to the property.

The policy is per tenancy agreement and each tenant would need to be referenced correctly – see the Tenancy Checklist in the policy wording for more information.